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Their Story's Kinda Cool...

Robert Pera builds the Apple Airport and then goes to do it 'the right way'. I won't rehash it all, but there's more here and here.

Does that really say 10GbE Fiber?

So I remember when fiber cost an arm, a leg, a kidney and most of your liver. I'm not going to say that I've tested it at 'full data center load' but honestly, fiber SFP+ ports at $20-30 a pop and with cables being cheap (yep--that says fiber, it says 10GbE and yes, I'm still very much as intact as when I started) it's hard to say no to that kind of throughput. Check it out:

Then you're going to say 'great.. the switches have to be where the cost is...' Nope.

Heck--they have a 10GbE aggregation switch... and it's... 'surprisingly reasonable' for what it is:

So the management software's expensive, or a pain. Nope.

Ok... I'm done undulating like a fan-boy over this stuff. Seriously--it's good gear at a great price and it pretty brainless to manage. After 2 years of beating it up, reconfiguring it, moving it back and forth (three times)... I'm pretty happy with it.

AIOps and Technical Management in the Age of 'Intelligent Automation'

I had a chance to chat with Beth Pariseau a while back for an article she was working on titled

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4m14.416s - Why speed of delivery matters

real    4m14.416s
user    0m3.224s
sys     0m0.420s

Four minutes and fourteen seconds. That's how long it currently takes

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