I'll keep it short and sweet--re:Invent 2017 is downright crazy. Highlights include:

  • Expanding to 5 major venues
  • Over 1000 sessions
  • 50,000+ people
  • A bigger than ever expo hall... with more partners and swag than ever!

I'm keenly watching the balance of 'builder' and innovation-focused annoucements vs. enterprise-focused releases this year-if the trend contines, we're likely to see far more 'capital E' Enterprise features. In past years, Oracle has been a big target and I'm expecting more of it from the first main keynote. From there, all bets are off with Werner Vogels on Thursday morning trotting out the latest and greatest bits of tech that they've been working on over the last year.

What am I excited about? If anything in the news there's sure to be a ton focused on everything from IoT (and the vast amounts of data related to it!) to blockchain (maybe they'll fix the issue of transaction performance?) and even fully automated Kubernetes setup.

While all this is interesting speculation, I'm definitely eager to get to the details. Catch you tomorrow morning at the Venetian to hear what Andy Jassy has to share with us!

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