Who is this guy?

My name is Patrick McClory. I’m a lot of things in life: husband, father, engineer, audiophile, manager, consultant, musician, leader, entrepreneur, innovator, executive, public speaker… I love being at the point where vision, capability and capacity connect and start fires that drive people forward in their work, careers and lives. This—the content here, the stories, ideas, code, post—is what I get excited about.

What’s the point?

I started writing technical posts as a means to avoid having the same lengthy conversations over and over again. Most people who have worked with me in a professional capacity know that I truly don’t want to have the same lengthy conversation about Jenkins over and over again (more on that later). I want to get to the point where I can be in my element faster and more efficiently and starting with something is better than starting with nothing, so in reality, I’m not so worked up as to whether I’m 100% correct all the time and, honestly I love learning new things so being wrong isn’t really the end of the world in my eyes.

Whether it’s specifically technical, related to my career in even the slightest of ways or simply about Monkey (the turtle) who truly hates mankind, I’m hoping that the combination of humor, code and lessons learned is valuable to the overall community.

Obligatory Disclaimer

Most people put this on their site, but I actually mean it - this site represents my own opinions, not necessarily those of any current or former employers, partners or organizations. Seriously, it's me talking on my own behalf. Nice and simple.